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Frequent Asked Questions

How will the plans be delivered?
All plans are delivered in electronic form by download in a specific page on this site, you receive an email with link location and instructions.
Is needed special programs to open the plans files?
All you need is Acrobat Reader 7.X or later if you donīt have it already staled in your computer, you can download it free of charge at the Acrobat site:
Could I have the plans delivered to me in a CD by regular mail?
Up this time the unique mean to purchase the plans is by electronic download.
Do you reimburse or accept return to the product?
Because of the intellectual nature of the product we canīt offer reimbursement, if you found problems opening the document enter in contact and we will find a way to solve the problem. If you are dissatisfied with any aspects of the plan please contact me and I will do my best to give suggestions in how you can take all the advantages and fun with the plan you had purchase.
Could you modify the plans to attend my necessities?
Unfortunately I canīt fit the plans to a particular necessity of any user, but if a question is recurrent from many different users I will modify the plans according to meet the particular aspects of materials or construction methods and you that already had purchase the plan can receive by request the notification with the changes free of charge, stay in contact with the site to see when a modification is available. Also all the users will receive a new free of charge copy of a purchased plan in case a significant upgrade became necessary to meet safety or legal requirements.
Do you retrieve my personal information?
Only the information about your email address and the plans you had purchased are maintained in our system, we will never make this information available to another company or divulge any statistics that possibility your identification, for detailed information consult our privacy policy page.
Do you will send me regular emails?
No, only essential email regarding safety or legal issues will be sent when necessary.
Do you have an address or phone number to be contacted?
As an individual firm currently this information are also my personal information, so I canīt make it available worldwide, up this time the email is the unique contact possible. But I am online most of the time, and you will receive a response as soon as possible. Help us to grow telling about the site and the good plans available to anyone you know and in the near future we could offer a better service to you.
Do you sell kits for these plans?
Our plans are maid with materials that are available worldwide, easily founded in many stores and warehouses around the world, also they are enough clear to make possible that you make adaptations to use materials that you already have or that are more available in your area. Our actual focus isnīt in kitīs production, instead we offer the plans to construct the devices.
Where can I buy the materials necessary for the plans?
The tools and materials necessary to construct the devices can be easy founded in any hardware or building materials store. Some materials can also be purchased online in places like:
OnLineMetals: for metals and plastics;
BoltDepot: for screws and other hardware.
I also had I great idea, could you develop a plan to me?
To materialize an idea or concept in one thing that works requires a lot of thinking and many hours of hard working and we are always busied with my own developments. I hope that my plans also give a hand to anyone showing a way the things can be made, so buy more plans and maybe you find something that you can also apply to transform your idea in one working device.

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